SHORT- “A Fish Tale” - 14 min.
What lurks below Western Australia’s Rottnest Island ? tropical fish, whales, other marine
animals, and a lot of oil.  As the race for new oil deposits gathers momentum, voices from the
deep cry out to be heard.  But they can’t be heard through the sound waves generated by
exploration, greed, and the effects of oil on the environment.  This community of experts on
the marine environment  reminds us that it isn’t just the bad driving of oil tankers that causes
oil spills; your driving did.

FEATURE LENGTH "Going to Antarctica" - film maker Teresa Tico  takes us on an expedition
to Antarctica where the whales, seabirds, seals, and penguins reigned over the icy cold
environment untouched by war, industry, and man. Exploring the glaciers and research
stations with noted scientists, we learn that the effects of global warming are just the tip of the
iceberg, when she returns to Oahu and learns what a one meter sea level rise will do to the
islands. Her love of Hawaii is mirrored in the ice of Antarctica, as she raises our awareness,
and challenges us to become ambassadors and watchdogs of policy and planning. 35 min.

SHORT - “ In Rhythm,” is a feast of surf footage from Kauai, Oahu, and Indo carved up local
heros Andy, Bruce, Dustin, Reef, Steph, Robert, James, and Billy. The Hanalei Bay monsters
alone are what the rest of the surf world can only dream about.   25 min.

FEATURE LENGTH - "Heart of a Soul Surfer" - Becky Baumgartner captures the uplifting
story of young Bethany Hamilton's recovery from a shark attack. This film digs deep into the
heart of strong young woman to get back on her surfboard just a few weeks later, and win the
2005 NSSA National Surf Championships. She finds her purpose in life to inspire others
through her faith in God.
SHORT "Dangerous Archipelago" -  Sea kayaking the atolls in French Polynesia brings us
black pearls, white - tip reef sharks, and a culture on the brink of extinction. 27 min

Feature Length -"South Wind on Hilton Beach" - Israel
The story begins with Dr. Dorian Peskovich, a Jewish American surfing champion from Hawaii
who, surfing on the waves of Zionism, introduced the first surfboards to the Frishman Beach
gang in Israel. This band of guys were the mythological lifeguards of the sixties, who went on
to become the first surfers and together with their children, transformed surfing into an
escape from the Israeli reality. They found their freedom in the waves and sea.
The film documents their metamorphosis from outsiders fighting for their right to surf until
their peak at the European championship. They captured the adoration of youngsters, set  
the tone in fashion  and music  and were the cultural icons of the late eighties.Like the waves
themselves, these surfers rose and fall. It is also a film about the Israeli character and the
need to escape it.

Winning Student Film - "Be Cool to Turtles by da Honu's" -
a comedy music video done in gangsta rap starring the UH Student Video and Filmmakers
Association in turtle costumes railing against injustices done to sea turtles. (“Trying to ride on
my back, I think you’re trippin, fool, go take yourself to Sea World and try and play with

“Hawaiian Showers is a beautiful underwater 5 minute film on the delicate interaction between
marine species to clean and care for each other. Bryce and Jen Groak are Big Island

Sharks: Stewards of the Reef  -
Few of us have the fortune to swim with sharks. Diving the remote reefs of Polynesia, we
experienced the grace and beauty of shark. Like the ancient Polynesians, we learned to
respect, not fear sharks, and we learned the importance of sharks to the ocean ecosystem.
We know they must be protected."Sharks: Stewards of the reef," examines threats to sharks,
their importance ecologically and how we can protect these important ocean predators

Favela Surf Dreams - Rio de Janeiro
A notorious slum in Brazil is turning out some superb young wave riders.

"Surfing Thru" is an honest, funny , and inspiring documentary about 3 women who continue
to surf through their treatment for cancer.

"Encounter" South Shore's Bruna Stude gives us a glimpse of the dolphins at Polihale in her
first short film.

“Joy Ride” details the history of the short “Papio” Boards invented 500 years ago by the
Hawaiians. Only members of the royalty were allowed to stand up on longboards, commoners
used the Papio boards and rode on their bellies. It is the same today, and this film documents  
the fascinating history and sociology of bodyboarding with historical photos, interviews, and  
recent HD footage that goes deep into the barrel, with radical maneuvers, and aerial
gymnastics of Leila Alli getting barreled at the Pipe, and Mike Steward at giant Jaws. 6 min.

For the last few years, we have played the top ten films submitted to the festival.
this year we received so many great entries, we can't help but play a few more