STEM  by Stephen Watkins                                        3.5 min.
is a Surfrider partnership with Kauai Community College
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathmatics)featuring the
work of scientist CarlBerg who painstakingly tested Japanese
tsunami debris for radioactivity, Jessica Austin and Leah
Sousen whose projects focus on monitoring debris and
pollution at Ke’e Beach  
2014 Opening Night Line - up !
Tickets available at Hanalei Surf Company,
Paradise Music kiosk (outside of Foodland)  
FOLLOW THE SIGNS 1 mile past school.   Bring Blankets and Beach Chairs  
$5.00 PER PERSON or Join Surfrider the night of the event and get in free !
Gates open at 6:00 pm this is a family friendly event  For more information -
The first film will begin at sunset (around 6:45) it is a tribute to Kathy and Bobo
Ham Young by filmmaker Brady Cushway, a member of the Ham Young Ohana of
Wainiha. Brady assists with the event and has been featured in the Hawaii Ocean
Film Festival since 2006.
Fish - I Africa By The Pew Charitable Trust.                                                                        18 minutes
The Indian Ocean is the second-largest tuna fishery in the world after the Pacific. The mostly foreign-
flagged industrial tuna fleet nets an average 700,000 tons of yellowfin, bigeye and skipjack annually-
worth up to $US 2 billion based on current market prices. 1 in 4 fish that enter the market globally are
called IUU catch. Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated fish caught by large industrial pirates who fish in
kapu areas, use environmentally unsound methods that trap by-catch, change the name and flag of the
ship to avoid prosecution, and forge licenses and permits. Illegal large-scale fishing in this region is
threatening economic and food security. They cheat pono fishermen who follow the rules, treat the
resources sustainably, and depend on fish for their livelihood and a crucial source of protein. While 1/5
of the global tuna catch is from the Western Indian Ocean, the African coastal states of Comoros,
Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles and the United Republic of Tanzania cover
500 million square kilometers of water and had no individual assets to stop illegal catch from getting to
market.  Fish - I Africa is uniting coastal countries to halt large-scale illegal fishing. Through technology,
sharing information and the spirit of cooperation they are fighting back. They use advanced tools and
techniques to track vessels, and have discovered potentially stolen vessels, severe violations of
international labor standards,  human trafficking, and seized vessels that escaped from port. FISH-i
Africa country enforcement officials and international technical experts communicate regularly to share
information on vessels, their licensing and movements, and suspected illegal fishing incidents. The
perpetrators have included international criminals from Asia to Africa and the Middle East. In
mid-2013, two tuna longliners, were discovered fishing in Tanzanian waters without licenses. As the
Fish-i Africa team investigated this case it exposed a large network distributing false Tanzanian fishing
licenses. FISH-i Africa is zeroing in on fisheries crime - making a dent in the profits of unscrupulous
fishing companies and turning illegal fishing in to a high-risk, low reward activity.
This is a difficult film to watch. These are poor countries with fishing boats the size you would only find
in our sheltered bays. Their fish are one of the key economic growth prospects for developing coastal
States in the region as well as being a crucial source of animal protein.  This is a very humble film, but
to quote the film directly, working together gives them more courage. This is a lesson that America and
the rest of the world needs to learn to combat overfishing in our territorial waters.
Sea Fever by Tim Davies                                    5.5 minutes
A cinematic poem written by John Maserfield with Music by  
Massive Attack featuring the cold dark slabs of the UK and
Waverider by Gareth Davies                               30 minutes
The story of a Fijian surfer the world had never heard of. He
earned the chance to compete against the top 44 surfers in
the world. Local boatman and surf guide, Isei Tokovou won a
wildcard entry into the Volcom Fiji Pro, a World
Championship competition. Surfing with hand-me-down
boards and without a trainer or support team, Isei carries the
hopes of a nation to  Cloudbreak, on Tavarua
Lightning Strikes Twice - The Real Life Sequel to Moby Dick -
By Stephani Gordon                                               28 minutes
NOAA’s discovery of the whaleship “Two Brothers,” which sank in
the remote northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Captain George Pollard
Jr.; who had survived a whale strike on the whaleship “Essex,” - ,
inspired Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. Pollard set sail for the
Pacific once again, believing with all his heart  that “lightning never
struck TWICE in the same place.” In this case it did, and Pollard’s
career as a captain came to a tragic end on an uncharted reef,
what is now Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.  
Spirit Of Aloha - By Stephen Watkins                7 minutes
Is a heart warming music video  inspired by the spirit of
families involved in outrigger canoe events. By local
filmmaker Stephan Watkins, proprietor of Watkins
Productions in Lihue.
Rise Above Plastics and Pick Up Your Butts- By  The National Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider Kauai Net Pickup by Robert Zelkovsky on the efforts of our Kauai chapter of Surfrider.
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