Hawaii Ocean Film Festival's soul is the sea. Our attributes, characteristics, and reason for being is to reflect a unique culture, set of values, and respect for the ocean that the people of Hawaii live and die by.
As new technology moves into the classroom, community stations, and home computers, young people are finding their voice, expressing their creativity, and building their academic skills at the same time.

To nurture our youth's interpretation of their commitment to preserving our coral reefs, beaches, fish populations, and to show the solutions to protect and restore our ocean resources for future generations, we are encouraging coastal communities to participate.

Our Essence is pure adrenalin.

We feel the salt water rush in our veins when we view

authentic, provocative, creative spark.

We are proud to announce that two Hawaii Teens had their films presented

at the 2004 Hawaii Ocean Film Festival

Aaron Armstrong, from Waimea High School won Best Student Short for

"The Way Down"

Kalele Ferriera, from Anuenue Immersion School won Best Student Feature for

"E Pulama I Na Kai Ewalu"

The 2005 Hawaii Ocean Film Festival will focus on assisting students to find their voice and to celebrate the beauty and wildness of the ocean through the lens of a camera.

People have a story to tell, about their cultural connection to the ocean,

the historical value of the sea, and their futures in peril.

To build understanding between ocean users, the cultural significance and dependency of coastal people on the environment, we are promoting HOFF globally. We have recieved films from around the world, and strive to enlighten viewers about the issues affecting the ecosystems we share. As a catalyst for cultural understanding and social change, we will be assisting environmental organizations in promoting their projects and programs. We project that the films of merit will continue to be viewed, and hopefully will launch some new careers. Ocean organizations are encouraged to contact the festival to discuss their focus and projects.

Unlike other film festivals, we realized that filmmakers have almost no venues for films about the ocean. We encourage action films about surfing, kite boarding, sailing, paddling, and any water sport or adventure that takes place on the ocean. We want to hear the stories that connect us.

Showcasing films with a broad geographic diversity and importance to young film makers, we are devoted to films without domestic theatrical distribution, first-time directors, and low budgets. In addition to fiction features, shorts, documentaries, and experimental films, we will actively pursue the action sports films, a genre that is rarely accepted at other film festivals.

We will show more shorts than features.

Need more info ? h20film@yahoo.com

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