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Where are you now ? We are updating this page to catch up with our past filmmakers
So if you are pictured below ~ drop us a line !
Read about who we stalked and found!

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Mike Waltze

Ziggy Livnat

Maura O'Conner

Joel Guy

Tim Hamilton

Elizabeth Pepin Silva

Brady Cushway

Bryce & Jen Groak

Paulo Maurin

Becky Baum-

Teri Tico

Gabe Abrams
Film Title

K2 Big Wave Challenge

Learning To Sea

Kahea Loko- Call of the Pond

Tamba TV

Surfer Girl 2 -The Comeback Kid

One Winter Story teaser

Brady's Worrld

Hawaiian Showers

306 Punches

Heart of a Soul Surfer

Going To Antarctica
Where are they now ?

Mike has a new documentary  "Art of the Glide," coming soon

Ziggy's PSA on Reef Etiquette  was featured on Airline Flights

Kahea Loko's curriculum has helped re-ignite our passion for
restoring fish ponds statewide !

Joel's Hanalei Grass Shack Prod. has created numerous
documentaries, helped with 2011fest & has an office in Hanalei

Tim is traveling the world making great Boogie Board films

Elizabeth is now living on Oahu

Brady had a film in the 2011 Festival, Te Mana O Te Moana
about the voyaging canoes in Hanalei

The Groak's "Living Oceans Productions" is traveling the world
making films on Whales

Paulo is in DC  working for NOAA's Coral Reef Program, in
education & fellowship programs &  working on ocean
acidification and teacher training. "That  film actually helped
in my application for the job, so I owe a lot to that little doc."

Becky Baumgartner Hamilton is a new mom and is pictured
above with the fam at the 2011 Film Festival where the Soul
Surfer (adapted from her earlier work

Teri's current film "Miss South Pacific - Beauty and the Sea" is
finding great success on the festival circuit

Student film maker Gabe Abrams went on to win a prestigious
HMSA teen video contest and the Hawaii Leadership Academy
filmmaking award, as Gabriel did, and is attending Cornell
University in New York.
pictured above:  2004 Winning film,
"Poraroca, surfing the Amazon"
2004 Winning Student film maker
Aaron Armstrong for  his Waimea High
School film "This way Down"
2005 Winning Film maker Joel Guy
(on the jet ski )

2005 Winning Student Film maker
Mella Lahina
2011 V.O. and script writer Olivia Marisol
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