you can tell great stories.
you can make great films.
you can change the world.
we can help.

we will be hosting trailers in
2012 on this site. send links
This is a new way for environmental organizations and filmmakers to get their messages
heard and their movies seen. We are starting a new program, a platform, a process, and a
promise... to the past, to the present, and to the future. We are going to try to express the
ahupua`a concept of managing our resources from the mountains to the sea.

ffor now, don't send us your film - send us an email...
  • Use the submission form on the submit  link if you want to send a dvd by snail-mail.

  • Request an e-mail submission form if you want to email the film.                              

  • read the policies about fair use, rights clearance etc. don't be a kook - keep it real.
the policies are located on the upanddown page.
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Already got a film ?
you can play too. send us the link, tell us your story,
and we'll help your campaign
More  Films
if your a rich and/or smart film maker you can have your attorney review everything.                 
If you don't want your film on the website, thats fine with us, it still has the same chance of
getting in the festival. don't have the energy to make a film ? send us a clip, we'll hook you up.

we are not a distribution company.

we don't have any gigantic scheme behind this site or festival.
someday we'll figure out how to make the films available on ipods
or cellphones, but for now we might be able to afford desktops.

we are not interested in stealing your film. (we wouldn't know what to do with it anyways )

we also aren't interested in stealing your ideas - we have plenty of our own and if we knew
anybody who would give us money, or how to sell our current stash we wouldn't be doing this.

unless you tell us otherwise....if some studio, agent, or millionaire, thinks you are the next
Tarantino, we are going to give them your phone number.

we don't take commissions  
but we do hope you will remember us in your will.
In the coming months we will make our space available to eco themed films.
Film makers are urged to send short films, trailers, or teasers for viewing here.
So here is the story in one quick sentence. (don't worry... there will be more soon)

We are going to match environmental organizations with student or independent
filmmakers and mentors from the organization
Hawaii Women in Film
To make short films.
Wanna Play ? Environmental organizations will be asked to fill out a profile of their projects,
issues, activities, goals etc. Filmmakers can look for projects in their ahupua'a, moku,
island or interests to adopt, If you find a match, we'll light the fire. Drop me a line -

mauka, Oahu

makai, Oahu
Organization A is doing Agriculture and
reforestation ..... Get it ?
Organization B is clearing fishponds....