Winning Student Film
“Be Cool to the Turtles by Da Honu’s”      
Dir: Eric Caju, Jules Nathan. Oahu    5  min.
Sea turtles rap about the trouble they are having with people.
This live action music video showcases the creative talent of the
UH Manoa Film and Video Association and the student actors.
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www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzO5KATyfX or try to See it
Best Ocean Recreation Short     
“Joy Ride”   
Dir: Dean Hamer  7 min
Surfing was invented more than 500 years ago, but only the
royalty were allowed to stand up on longboards. Commoners used
much shorter Papio Boards, and rode on their bellies. This film
documents the history and sociology of body boarding.
Best Ocean Recreation ~ Feature length (38 min)
“Heart of a Soul Surfer”
Dir: Becky Baumgartener
The inspiring story of Bethany Hamilton, the Kauai teen who lost her arm
to a shark, but found purpose and peace in her recovery.  Her
persevering spirit as a young woman and surfer, has helped a simple
teenager from a small island community becomes a beacon of hope.

This film digs deep into the heart of strong young woman to get back on
her surfboard just a few weeks later, and win the 2005 NSSA National
Surf Championships.

Best Marine Resources ~ Feature Length  
“Going to Antarctica”
Dir: Teresa Tico
Hawaii Filmmaker Teri Tico takes us on an expedition to
Antarctica where the whales, seabirds, seals, and penguins
reigned over the icy cold environment untouched by war, industry
and man. Exploring the glaciers and research stations, we learn
that the effects of global warming are just the tip of the iceberg,
when she returns to O‘ahu and learns what a one meter sea
level rise will do to the islands. Her love of Hawai‘i is mirrored in
the ice of Antarctica, as she raises our awareness and
challenges us to become watchdogs of policy and planning.
Saturday December 1, 7:00 pm
Films about Marine Resources
Dir: Bryce and Jen Groark  Big Island (40 min)  
Since 2004, they have traveled to 27 countries and documented the
importance of sharks in our natural world, to educate people so that
they not only want to help protect the animals, but also the habitat in
which the animals are living.
Love and Punishment
“Down The Barrel”
Dir: Steven B. Lawrence (24 min)
The essence of surfing is an elusive ideal. Part sport, part state-of-
mind; an avenue for self- expression, a metaphor for freedom; a
ritual, a competitive event, a dangerous journey, a dance. Nature
supplies the power, and with the proper balance of respect and
resistance, we enjoy the ride. Told through four influential voices
of the sport from four influential regions for surfing. Hawaii’s
Kalani Robb, Australia’s Joel Parkinson, Cali’s Rob Machado and
Florida’s Kelly Slater. This is a Special Edition, 808 ReMix of the 90
minute film.
Films about our Culture  
“Bunker 77”
Dir: Takuji Masuda (8 min)
Hawaii's most notorious surfer and international playboy, Bunker
Spreckles, the stepson of Clark Gable was born the heir to the
Speckles Sugar fortune and became an infamous surfer in
1960's and 70's. His passion for surfing, sex and drugs was
documented by photographers and filmmakers including Art
Brewer and Spyder Wills for a film called "The Player," when he
suddenly died. Destined for a theatrical release in 2008, this
teaser features notable Hawaii characters, Vinny Bryan, Rory
Russell, Randy Rarick
photo by Art Brewer
This show also includes Winning films
Student Film "Be Cool To Da Turtles"
Winning Best Ocean Recreation - "Heart of a Soul Surfer"
Winning Marine Resources - "Going to Antarctica"
$5.00 Students and Faculty - $8.00 General Admission

Best Marine Resources Shorts
“Hawaiian Showers”
Dir: Bryce & Jen Groark, 5 min
The symbiotic relationship between creatures of the sea is shown in the
cleaning stations where even the toothy Morey eels let tiny clown shrimp
give them a dental exam.

“Encounter” Dir: Bruna Stude, 3 min, - This is the first film from the
Croatian photographer, who shares an intimate encounter with a pod of
dolphins off of the south Shore of Kauai.
UH Manoa
Friday November 30th 7:00 pm