opening night  ~ SATURDAY JULY 24
Around Valentines Day of this year, we received a film from a region
we had never received a film from before. It is called "Gulf Islands."
It's a documentary about the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park,
specifically the Barrier Islands of Mississippi. The film introduces you to
the resources of the region, but more importantly you meet a variety of
people who love their islands. From artists to scientists, to some older
folks who have probably lived in the area for generations.
We realized that up until Earth Day, this could have been Anytown USA.

In the 75 days that have followed this disaster it has been really hard
not to call the Filmmaker Robbie Fisher. Robbie put alot of heart into
the film, and his heart must be broken. So on Saturday July 24th, on
opening night, we will screen his film under the stars on Hanalei Bay.
And send our hearts to Robbie, and all the people of the Gulf.
“Aikane o  ke  kai - Friends of the Sea ”

Honoring the Volunteers of:
Surfrider Foundation, Malama Na Apapa ,
Sea Scouts, Sierra Club, KORE,  
film by Robert Zelkovsky  ~  Bamboomoonvideo,com
“Miss South Pacific”
A new Teri Tico film on Climate Change  

“Mayumba - Equator Flavored Pointbreaks from West Africa
Featuring Randy Rarick, Steve Bleakly, and filmmaker Emiliano Cataldi
Winning Student Films
"One Ocean Left to Save"
by Gabriel Abrams
High School Student
Marine Resources Winning Film
"Octopus Sucks Camera"
Music Video by Big Island’s Chris Barela
“ Gum For My Boat  ~ Surfing Bangladesh”
Kahana Kalama and Surfing the Nations’ surf club for street kids

“Behind the Palms”  
aiding the people of Mentawai’s and Nias
by SurfAid International