WINNING FILMS ~ Marine Resources

1st Place Short
"Octopus Sucks Camera" - Chris Barela, Big Island
A typical day of spearfishing on the Big Island with marine life that hates paparazzi

2nd Place Long Format
" Gulf Islands" - Robbie Fisher, Mississippi
Before the tragedy, the people of The Gulf Islands National Seashore Park share their love of the unique habitats
of the barrier islands which stretches 160 miles from Cat Island Mississippi to Okaloosa Florida

2nd Place
Aikane o ke kai Friends of the Sea"  Robert Zelkovsky
Profiles of  Surfrider Foundation, Sea Scouts, Malama Na Apapa, Sierra Club,
This year reminded us that the people that dedicate their voices, energy, and livelihoods to preserving, protecting,
exploring, supporting and celebrating, our vast water planet
are also a precious resource.

3rd Place
"Cleaning up BP'S Mess ~They've Struck Oil but They're Not Rich" - Sachi Cunningham
Phan Plork is using his shrimp boat and crew for the filthy and dangerous oil spill clean-up.

Honorable Mention
"A Polar Whales Appeal" Mark Francis Franklin, Oceana Foundation, Byron Bay, Australia
Whale research footage, whale songs, and the haunting music of a Native American cedar flute are the
background to this narrative written by a captain of a whaling vessel in 1850, who takes on the voice of a Polar
Whale, and begs for the end of the killing of his species.

Honorable Mention
"Pelagic Magic" by Matthew J D`Avella, Hawaii
The underwater world at night is a liquid dreamscape filled with the strangest animals.

Honorable Mention
“The Humpback Code” – Daniel Opitz
Ocean Recreation Winners

1st Place Long format
"Aloha Uruguaii" - Juan M. Bonner
A surf documentary about the evolution of a young surf culture that sends a message to the world of joy respect
and love for mother nature.

1st Place Short
"El Mar, Mi Alma ~ The short..." (The Sea, My Soul) by Dave Homcy
Dave Rastovich, Ramon Navarro, Dane Ward, Crystal Thornburg, Chris del Moro, Joel Parkinson, Christian
Merello, Leo Acevedo, Diego Medina, and an entourage of artists and environmentalists journey through Chile
spreading their message of ocean awareness

2nd Place Long format
"Protect Our Waves" ~ Surfers Against Sewage
Directed by Richard Stewart and featuring superb animation by Robin Bushell, the UK'S Premier waves and
environmental threats.Starring ~ Candice O'Donnell, Gabe Davies, Sam Bleakley, Nahan Phillips, Tody
Donachie, Jack Johns, Trev Garland, Jayce Robinson, Richie Sills, and More ! Hugo Tagholm, producer with
support from Quiksilver Foundation, Surfer's Path, and the Association for Conservation.

"Mayumba - Equator Flavored Pointbreaks on the Edge of Africa" by Emiliano Cataldi
A sneek preview of an adventure with longboard Champ Sam Bleakley, Erwan Simon, filmmaker Emi Cataldi,
photographer John Callahan and the legendary Randy Rarick explore the remote south coast of Gabon in west

Honorable Mention ~
" Skim Chicks The Documentary "~ Pamela Jo Simpson, Richard Tibbits, A 360 Shuv_it Productions
Shonna Cobb, Jennifer Jacobs, Pamela Simpson, Holly Beck, and Jericho Poppler's quest to promote a
competitive platform for this sport and chronical the history of Womens ocean athletics.

Honorable Mention ~ "Shaping a Life" by Denise Galvao
The trials and tribulations of big wave surfer and shaper GaryLinden features beautiful footage from the 60's"

Our Cultural Connections to the Sea

1st Place
"Gum For My Boat ~ Surfing Bangladesh "
Kahana Kalama and the organization "Surfing The Nations," introduces us to the boys and girls of the
Bangladesh Surf Club, a chance to escape their humble lifestyle and enjoy an ocean that was once deemed
off limits due to fear and a very conservative Islamic culture.

1st Place Short
"Behind The Palms" - SurfAid International, Mentawai Islands and Nias
This non-profit Humanitarian organization has 10 years improving the health and wellness off of Indonesia's
Sumatran Coast. Bringing nutrition, hygiene, and the prevention of malaria through mosquito net distribution
to the people in isolated regions connected to us by surfing.
With cameos of many stars of the surf industry who have lent their voices to the cause; including Damian
Hobgood, Luke Egan, Rasta, Malloy, Sanoe Lake, Keala Kennelly,

Winning Student Film

"One Ocean To Save"
by Gabriel Abrams
17 year old Gabe not only shot and directed this music video, he also rewrote the words to one of his favorite
songs, performed and multitracked his own voice into the music. Gabe is well on his way as a filmmaker,
winning awards from the Hawaii Leadership Academy and HMSA Teen Video Contest.

2nd Place Katherine Reed
Animal nurse and student by day, full time ocean warrior Katherine Reed strives to spark a global green ocean
revolution through the power of her films.
We have received some notable films that are not mentioned here yet...
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