Marine Resources

"Healthy Oceans, Healthy Humans"- Best Marine Resources Short

"Kohola o Hanalei" - . Best Marine Resources

Ocean Recreation

"Two Mo' Bettah' "- Best Ocean Recreation Short

"Wave of Compassion" - Best Ocean Recreation

Our Cultural Connection to the Sea

"Wa'a Ho'olaulea"- Best Cultural Connection to the Sea

"Niue - This is your Land" - Winning Student Film

Best Fiction


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"Hawksbill Babies at Makena"

"One Winter Story"

"Surfer Girl 2 - the Comeback Kid"

The top ten films of 2005 will play

Opening Night, Friday July 15,

Kauai Memorial Convention Hall

World Premier !

of the new Joel Guy Film

"Kohola o Hanalei "

We are proud to announce the 2005 Winning line-up !

This years' winners bring to this event, a variety of film styles , that when woven together create a beautiful expression of what this festival is all about. We are very proud to acknowledge two young filmmakers that we hope will continue to use film as a vehical for telling their own authentic stories. Timmy Hamilton is a Hawaii teen who captures surf and lifestyle video as a hobby. His filmwork was first discovered in the documentary "Surfer Girl 2 - The Comeback Kid" More information about Timmy, and Student Film Winner Mella Lahina can be found on the Youth Initiative page, that will be updated soon on this web site. We will also be covering our Honorable Mentions and profiles on some of our films and filmmakers on that update, so please check back often.

Films about our Marine Environment are:

The Healthy Oceans, Healthy Humans - narrated by Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, this short film highlights the fact that marine ecosystems are essential for human health and focuses on three aspects: Potential medical applications (Oceans Heal), seafood (Oceans Nourish), and the ocean's role in providing a livable atmosphere for life to flourish, (Oceans Protect). It explores global warming and other issues that threaten these life support services, and offers solutions to urge participants to conserve the ocean environment in order to safeguard their own health. This film comes to us from Kathleen Frith, Director of Outreach and Communications at the Center for Health And the Global Environment

Hawksbill Babies at Makena, a sweet story that begins when a group stumbles upon a nest of hatching sea turtles on an ordinary walk, down a familiar beach. With the help of some scientists, we learn the plight of these quarter-sized babies, and the migration of their mother through the Hawaiian Islands.This film comes to us from the Snorkel Bob Foundation.

Kohola o Hanalei (Whales endure Hanalei) tells the story of 200 melonhead whales that came into the shallow waters of Hanalei Bay last 4th of July weekend. In danger of a mass-stranding, the Hanalei Canoe Club, Native Hawaiians and residents of Kauai made a 400 foot "lau" or lei of morning glory vines and gently coaxed the whales out of the bay and into the deeper water with outrigger canoes. This film was made by Joel Guy, who filmed the whales from atop a surfboard, on the outrigger canoe, and underwater.

This year the Ocean Recreation films focus on surfing.

Kamea is a fictional "coming of age" story of a young Hawaiian Girl, who falls for a surfer boy obsessed with Duke Kahanamoku. When be rebuffs her advances, she makes a spiritual connection to the Duke, and gains a sense of self. This film was made by Jennifer Akana-Sturla, who has won many awards for this film.

One Winter Story, is a teaser that comes to us from the mainland, which tells the story of Sarah Gerhardt, the first women to tow - in to the massive, 30 foot waves at Mavericks. Made by Sally Lundburg and Elizabeth Pepin

Surfer Girl 2 - the Comeback Kid - Bethany Hamilton is the focus of a short film made for an ABC Prime Time Live special, but sadly the film was preempted in Hawaii. This film features interviews with Andy Irons, and the film work of 17 year old Timmy Hamilton.

Two Mo' Bettah takes a lighthearted look at the art of tandem surfing. The amazing acrobatics of surfers James Moore and Tiffany Rabacal was captured by Oahu filmmaker Gavin Baer, who frequently used a camera attached to the end of the surfboard. Weaving their way through the crowds at various Oahu locations, this visually pleasing 3 minute film features the guitar work of Herb Ota Jr.

Wave of Compassion is nearly a feature length film that documents a 10 day mission through Sumatra and the Mentawai Islands. Surf- Aid International brings medical and dental assistance to some of the most remote places on earth. On this trip, they also brought some of the world's best surfers, and the winners of the most inspiring fundraiser in recent history. This film was made by Justin Crumb

Films about our Cultural Connections to the sea

Niue -This is your Land, tells the story of a young girl who returns to the tiny island of her parents and grandparents. Here she learns of her culture and heritage, only to find that it is in danger of being lost, due to it's low population numbers.

Wa'a Ho'olaulea,- Festival of Canoes, introduces us to the concepts and the craftsmen of the South Pacific, who keep canoe building traditions alive. This film features incredible music performances by various artists and reconnects us to our neighbors and ancestors in the South Pacific.This film was produced and directed by Kenneth K. Martinez Burgmaier.