3 things you must do !
You must e-mail webmaster@hawaiioceanfilmfestival.org
so we can communicate. You must have the right to submit the film -
meaning it is your work.
You must follow the rules. We will begin the event  promotion on June 21st so everything  that is
requested needs to on Kauai by then.

The form at the end of this page needs to be printed out and sent with the film. You can atta
ch additional pages if you want, or add any questions or comments. Trailers and teasers for the
website will go up before the deadline, and we will request a press kit if your film is selected.
The entry fee is $25.00 American. WORKS IN PROGRESS must be complete by July 1.


An amateur is anyone who makes less than 10% of their income from making films.
Students in primary and secondary school compete in separate divisions.
We have no formal "premiere" policies, we are looking for any OCEAN genre. Drama, comedy,
docs, surf flicks, whatever,
as long as it is about the ocean, we will view it.
Our aim is to help filmmakers no matter what country they're from. We've had a few internat
ional selections at the festival. In fact, some of our biggest success stories have come from for
eign films. Films mailed from outside the country must be marked, "no value"
Most of our audiences just speak English - so you may want to think about subtitles.
Film Makers are urged to send a Press Kit with their submissions.
Please test your DVD on another system. Our hearts are broken if we cannot view you
r submission.
And PLEASE don't send us anything in PAL

A student is anyone under the age of consent, who is enrolled
in a private or public high school or film school in 201
5 or later
We find that this project may be important to island youth who find their outlet for express
ion more visual than written. Their passion for preserving and explaining their culture may for
ge alliances with young people around the world with an interest in preserving their resourc
es. Nurturing the opportunity to find a voice, relate to your peers, and learn the skills of film ma
king offers valid lifetime skills that the regular curriculum doesn't offer.
Student filmmakers learn researching, scripting, storyboarding, filming, directing, narrati
ng, editing, and scoring their films; We recognize that our local heroes are kids who chose to foll
ow their dream. What this event does is give our young artists the chance to shine in front of, or
behind the scene. Whichever path they choose, what they learn about or enjoy about the oce
an is re-instilled in a medium that is of their generation. Their exposure to film making, storyte
lling, and the education that comes with working on a group project is invaluable. Teacher
s submitting group projects are urged to contact the festival as early as possible.
Proper releases, original titles, and the signatures of a parent, guardian ad litem, or teacher
Original music is the best option for all new filmmakers. Using other peoples music without
their permission is wrong. If you need help getting festival rights for music in your film please
e-mail us. Talent, particularly those actors and actresses under the age of 18 need to sign a
release. It's the law. We will e-mail you these forms as soon as you register with the festiva
l. The best time to start collecting signatures is now. Don't wait till your film is selected for the fes
Each film submitted costs $25.00, no fair filling the tape with your last three films !
No Eurocheques. USA money only. Entry fees must be paid by U.S. addressed bank check,
international money order or U.S. Travelers Checks - in all cases they must be in U.S. $$ We can
not accept credit cards, bank transfers or Western Union Wires. Make all checks payable to:
Hawaii Ocean Film Festival, or, HOFF
Sending multiple entries - as long as the fee covers the cost of each individual submiss
ion (and it's in U.S. dollars), then you can save on bank fees and mailing costs. But if you do this
, make sure the entries, submission forms and the money orders are all labeled. Make sure yo
u clearly put the name of the film on the check memo.
Just print out the form and fill it in manually, enclose it with a labeled DVD, (NTSC) of your
submission, your director's filmography plus a 50-word director's bio. One still photo, a
one-sentence log line, a 200-word synopsis
(50 for shorts), a 50-word story about your making your film the applicable entry fee. Sign the
form. Submissions are NONRETURNABLE.
Please do not send original materials.

Film Title in English __________________________________________

Original Title  ________________________________________________

Submitted By _________________________________________________

  Mail Address __________________________________________________

  Phone_______________________ Fax_____________________________

    E-mail ________________________________________________________

 Running Time ________________ short or trailer included ?_____________
   Student info only- School Name_____________________________________

  Director _______________________________________________________


  Producer ______________________________________________________


 Principal cast___________________________________________________


  Primary Locations________________________________________________

Previous screenings, Festivals_____________________________________

Awards _______________________________________________________

Aspect ratio 1:33 __________1:66 ____________1:85 __________2:35____

Format NTSC Region 1 ________ Sorry no PAL or SEACAM

Subtitles? _________________ Language

I certify that I possess all the rights to this film, and that the information on this form
is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I will not receive payment for
this film, and I hold the Hawaii Ocean Film Festival, it's staff, sponsors and associates
harmless from any action or injury arising from the transportation, exhibition, or
competition of my film.
Signature ____________________________________________ Date ______________

Signature of parent or guardian for minors ______________________________________

Mailing instructions -
Make sure your films are packed well.
Films mailed from outside the
country must be marked, "
no value "
M. Sandler
P.O. Box 1228
Hanalei, Kauai HI 96714